The Ukrainian national platform of the Eap CSF was established on 29 January 2011 at its founding conference in Kyiv, during which the Steering Committee of the National Platform was elected. The national platform is an open site for NGOs for the discussions, consultations, information activities in the implementation framework of the Eastern Partnership policy.

A registration form for interested Ukrainian NGOs and further up-to-date information on the activities of the National Platform are available on the page “European Space” at

Activities of the Ukrainian National Platform in 2015

In the period of 2014-2015, the activities of 220 NGOs of the Ukrainian National Platform (UNP) focused on visa liberalization, protection of free media, and security issues. The UNP also organized numerous events and activities trying to implement reforms and keep Ukraine on a path to positive transformation.

In March 2015, the European Commission announced joint consultations on the European Neighbourhood Policy review, by publishing a consultative document „Towards a New European Neighbourhood Policy”. The UNP together with other organisations held an event in response to the consultation. During the event participants exchanged their expert views on the future of the Eastern Partnership (EaP), shared expectations of updating and improvement of the instruments for the implementation of the AA.

The conference “Security Dimension of the EaP Policy – to Be or Not to Be” was organized in cooperation with the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum. The main goal of the conference was to conduct a wide-ranging expert discussion on strengthening the security dimension of the EaP policy covering the spectrum of possible soft and hard measures. The UNP in conjunction with the Ukrainian School of Political Studies organized the Eastern Partnership School,  aimed at increasing awareness on the EaP initiative, its goals, objectives and instruments. In addition, a series of roundtables to promote EaP to in different regions of Ukraine were organized with the support of partner organisations. 


  1. Statement of the Ukrainian National Platform on Human Rights Situation in Crimea, 29 April 2016


The Country Facilitator for Ukraine is:

Iryna Sushko, Europe without Barriers


Website of the Ukrainian National Platform