The Georgian National Platform was founded in November 2010 as a union of non-profit local and international civil society organisations whose aim is to promote and fulfil the goals of the Eastern Partnership and to generally support the European integration process. The National Platform works according to the open door principle. Accordingly, its membership is open to all interested civil society organisations. Currently, the NP consists of 95 civil society organizations which believe that EU integration offers the best prospects for Georgia’s economic, social and political development. By becoming members of the National Platform, civil society organisations take on the responsibility to support this process. The activities of the National Platform are guided by a Coordination Council consisting of nine representatives, who are elected at the General Meeting of the Platform. The meetings of the Coordination Council are also attended by the Country Facilitator, who also represents the Platform in the Steering Committee of the EaP CSF.

The Secretariat of the National Platform is operational since January 2013 and its registration is pending. Furthermore, the first draft for the status of the National Platform is currently finalized and criteria for new applications to the National Platform that ensure the active participation of the members in the five Working Groups are being established.

Activities of the Georgian National Platform in 2015

The main activities of the Georgian National Platform (GNP) focused around cooperation with the government in the context of implementation of the Association Agreement.

One of the most notable achievements in 2015 was the signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the government of Georgia and the Georgian National Platform. The Memorandum laid foundations for strengthening cooperation between the executive branch of the government and the Civil Society in the process of planning, implementation and monitoring of the Association Agreement Action Plans. The GNP also opened an office in the building of national Parliament of Georgia to facilitate policy and advocacy work on the country’s AA and DCFTA implementation. Furthermore, the members of the GNP established the bilateral EU-Georgia Civil Society Platform as envisaged in the Article 412 of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement.  

The GNP Coordination Council conducted regular meetings with high level officials of the Georgian Government and the European Union. At the same time, working groups were actively engaged in the issue-based policy dialogue with the relevant ministries. 20 informative visits of the experts have been organised in several regions of Georgia. The main goal of the regional meetings was to raise awareness on the EaP and on the importance of the Association Agreement and its impact.


  1. Statement of the Georgian National Platform on Delay to Decision to Grant Visa Free Travel for Georgia, 9 June 201
  2. Statement of the Georgian National Platform on the Terrorist Attacks in Brussels, 23 March 2016
  3. Statement of the Georgian National Platform on Visa Liberalisation
  4. Statement of the Georgian National Platform on Recognizing the European Perspective for the Eastern Partnership States


The Country Facilitator for Georgia is:

Lasha Tugushi, European Initiative – Liberal Academy Tbilisi


Secretariat of the Georgian National Platform:

Rustaveli Ave. 50/1. Tbilisi 0108 Georgia

TEL: +995 32 293 11 28, Cell: +995 570 10 44 90; +995 570 10 15 28


Website of the Georgian National Platform