The Azerbaijan National Platform was established in November 2009 and has currently 45 members. The work of the NGOs within the National Platform is organized along the topics of the Working Groups existent at the Forum level. The supreme management body of the Platform is the General Assembly and its execution body is the Board of Governance. This Board consists of the WG coordinators and the coordinator of the whole Platform, who also acts as Country Facilitator and represents the National Platform in the Steering Committee.

Activities of the Azerbaijan National Platform in 2014

The National Platform of Azerbaijan organised a series of open workshops for civil society organisations in the period of 2013-2014. The first training was a workshop on communication and outreach for CSOs, which took place in Baku on 26 April 2014. Representatives from 27 stakeholder CSOs actively participated in the training, which aimed to develop skills for communicating with target groups, finding communication channels, setting-up activities as well as understanding the function of public relations and brand-building.

The second workshop was a training session for advocacy and campaigning in civil society, which took place in Baku on 24 May 2014, gathering the participation of more than 20 civil society organisations. The training helped to familiarise participants with policy-making dynamics, appropriate ‘levers of influence’,  tactics for lobbying decision-makers, managing media relations and well as embedding monitoring and evaluation systems for advocacy programmes.

Alongside these meetings, the National Platform released a number of publications in the period of 2013-2014. This includes a research paper assessing Azerbaijan’s WTO accession process, which examines the current state of negotiations and implications of membership, including the advantages and disadvantages for the country. Furthermore, the platform published brochures on the Eastern Partnership and EU-Azerbaijan cooperation, which were subsequently distributed to more than 1000 stakeholders including EU institutions, universities, libraries, think-tanks, government agencies and international institutions.


The Country Facilitator for Azerbaijan is:

Avaz Hasanov, Humanitarian Research Public Union


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