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Contacte interumane


EaP CSF Working Group “Contacts between People” deals with the main issues on the agenda of EaP Thematic Platform 4 of the same name. The activities of this working group are divided into a number of areas that include Education, Youth, Culture and Contacts between Seniors.


Goals of the Working Group

  • Promote and disseminate information on EU issues and the opportunities provided by the EU by developing an information society and by enlarging the network of European Information Points
  • Address specific situations and levels of development of civil society in each EaP countries, in particular through using existing leaders’ networks for strengthening common understanding, sharing of values and co-operation between NGOs from EaP and EU states
  • Facilitate non-formal education and increase funding for internships and volunteer opportunities, school exchange programmes and distance learning
  • Enhance the active participation of young people in decision-making processes at all levels and develop mechanisms for involving them in the achievement of EaP goals
  • Develop special programmes for peace and intercultural education for young people in post conflict areas
  • Foster cultural exchanges and co-operation between EU and EaP countries and encourage ratification/fostering implementation of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions in the 6 EaP

DOWNLOAD – Memo: Working with Gender Equality and Youth Issues


Zaur Akbar, Youth Club Public Union (Azerbaijan, EaP Coordinator) |

Sintija Bernava, Donum Animus (Latvia, EU Coordinator) |

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