Three organizations from the National Platform were selected for the EaP CSF Re-granting scheme 2020


The EaP CSF Re-granting scheme (Financial Support to third parties – FSTP) supports projects of civil society organisations from EaP countries and the EU member states, which have a regional dimension and facilitate the work of one of the five thematic Working Groups of the Forum.

One of the major focus of the scheme is to strengthen the regional perspective, bridging the emerging gaps among the EaP countries while acknowledging their different paths and contractual relations with the EU.

In this cycle, the Secretariat received 33 proposals, out of which 31 passed the eligibility screening. In the next step, Working Group Selection Committees evaluated all received proposals. Afterwards the European Commission validated the results.

Three organizations from the Moldovan National Platform presented projects that were selected for the 2020 re-granting scheme:

Working Group 2
NGO “Pro Regional Cooperation”National smart laboratories: promoting smart specialization approach in regional development of Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine.

Working Group 3
International Association of River Keepers ECO-TIRASEcosystem services and hydropower: pilot application of European tools in the river basins of the EaP countries.

Working Group 4
Foundation for Advancement for Moldova Mythbusters: debunking the most common EU myths in the EaP countries through gaming.

The final list of selected projects in 2020 is now available here

More information about the Re-granting scheme can be found here.

About the re-granting scheme

Who can apply?

The Re-granting scheme is open to a wide range of civil society organisations (CSOs) from the EaP countries and the EU member states. Members of EaP CSF can submit their project as a lead partner, whereas other CSOs (non-members) can benefit from the scheme as a project partner. Here’s an overview of the main eligibility criteria for the grantees.

Lead partner criteria:

  • Be a legal person
  • Be non-profit-making
  • Be a civil society organisation (CSO)
  • Be established in an EaP or EU country
  • Have participated in any of the past Annual Assemblies of EaP CSF
  • Be able to receive the grant (funds) on its bank account, provide account statements and have a financial management system in place to ensure clear and adequate reporting procedures.

Other criteria:

Members of the National Platforms, who have never participated in the EaP CSF Annual Assemblies, and delegates (CSOs) attending any EaP CSF Annual Assembly in the capacity of observers are eligible as partners only.
A CSO can submit only one proposal as the lead applicant. It is allowed for a lead applicant to act as a project partner in other proposal/s within this call.
An organisation can only be a lead organisation (lead applicant) and benefit from the re-granting once throughout the three-year regranting/FSTP scheme.
Individual experts in the capacity of natural person can be involved as a third party; their participation is welcome but does not establish/substitute the compliance with the regional dimension criterion.

The EaP CSF Re-granting Scheme (FSTP) is funded by the European Union as part of its support to civil society in the region. Grants are available for CSOs from the Eastern Partnership and EU countries.

Within the current call, projects benefit also from the financial support of National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the contribution of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs.