Code of ethics

Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Moldova National Platform

1. General Provisions

1.1. Moldova National Platform of Eastern Partnership (hereinafter National Platform) is union of local and international NGOs registered in Georgia including social partners which aim to promote and fulfill the goals of Eastern Partnership initiated by the EU in the eastern neighborhood.

1.2. Member organizations of Moldova National Platform agree that European integration is the most perspective way for economic, social and political development of Georgia and by joining the platform they take on obligation to promote this process.

1.3. Besides, the member organizations take on obligation to abide the corresponding Ethics Code (hereinafter Code) to promote the efficiency of National Platform, its active work and gaining trust and authority before wider public.

2. Terms of Operation and Objective of the Code

2.1. Code applies to the member organizations of National Platform;
2.2. Code aims to establish the principles of work of National Platform, rules of conduct and interaction between the member organizations;
2.3. Code takes effect immediately when the general meeting of Moldova National Platform is established;

3. Work Principles, Rules of Conduct and Ethical Standards of Interaction between Member Organizations of Moldova National Platform

3.1.  Members of National Platform, while striving for achievement of its goals, take on obligation to promote:
• Establishment of cooperation based on respect and justice, conscientiousness and honesty;
• Collegiality;
• Constructive Criticism;
• Respect to dissimilar views and opinions;
• Constructive discussion of disputable issues;
• Leading ethical dialogue;
• Creation of transparent environment, disclosure of shortcomings and faults;
• Constant contact and cooperation, accountability before the civil society;
• Taking and fulfillment of fair decisions

3.2.  Members of National Platform, while striving for fulfillment of its goals, take on obligation not to admit:
• Autocratic actions;
• Destructive actions which hinder the effective work of the Platform;
• Abusive language;
• Slander;
• Rude and unacceptable including personal criticism;
• Conflict of interests;
• Discrimination on grounds of religion, ethnicity, political affiliation, gender and other factors…
• Discrediting goals of National Platform;
• Usage of common communication means of National Platform contrary to its purpose.

3.3. Members of National Platform are obliged to be punctual, to systematically attend and actively participate in the forums and work of Coordination Council and working groups.

4. Violation of Provisions of Ethics Code

4.1.  Principles enshrined in the corresponding document represent the foundations for the work of National Platform and bear mandatory nature for the members of National Platform.
4.2.  For violation of requirements of Ethics Code by the representative of member organization of National Platform, the Coordination Council applies measures envisaged by the charter of National Platform.

Communications not regulated by this Code must be decided by inner faith and moral principles.